The Bordy company

About Bordy Plus s.r.o.:

The company started its activity   on the market as a natural person in 2001, later in 2006 it changed to Bordy Limited Liability Company (Bordy Kft.) 

Its warehouse   is located at Zólyomi út 3539 in Lososnco. This is where the animal – medically approved freezer boxes were built, where the deep-frozen pet food is stored and stored, approval number: STORDP-LC25-SK. The wholesaler also sells the products.

  Our business partners come from dog breeders, farm shops, animal shelters, kennel stations, butcher shops .


The goods are delivered weekly or fortnightly, to the agreed place in consultation with our partners. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have at our contact details below.

A healthy and balanced diet

Bordy   Kft. specializes in the sale of healthy, natural deep-frozen meat-containing foods for all small and medium-sized businesses.

During the more than 13 years spent on the market, we have gained extensive professional experience.

We store and store our products in our high-quality, professional-level freezers and deliver them in Slovakia with our own freezer-equipped cars.

 We offer high-quality food for farm animals. We constantly control the quality of our products   and constantly change their ingredients in order to satisfy the needs of your four-legged pets for a healthy and balanced diet.


If you order at least €49.00 for one place, we can offer you the current wholesale prices. Shipping is free in Hungary !

Please place orders   at /uzlet,   e-shop /leadny at least 3 days before delivery. Info on the following numbers:   phone: +421903366922 We speak Hungarian,  


The products ordered through are delivered to the Buyer’s address and location using a courier service within 10-14 working days.

General terms and conditions

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